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How To Prevent Pre-Diabetes From Becoming Diabetes In A Natural Manner?

If the fasting blood glucose is in the range 100 to 125 mg per dl and oral glucose test show 140 to 199 mg per dl reading, it can be a pre diabetic stage. Disruption in the metabolic functions and obesity together are the risk factors for pre-diabetes where the blood sugar levels after fasting and after having food is higher than normal.
Genetic factors, high blood pressure, middle age (40 years), sedentary lifestyle, high HDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, polycystic ovary syndrome, vascular conditions are some other risk factors for pre-diabetes. More than 50 million in U.S. suffer from pre-diabetes and they are at a higher risk of developing diabetes in a decade. Another study finds every year in UK at least 5 to 10 percent people diagnosed with the pre diabetic stage go on to develop diabetes. Since there is no cure for diabetes – lifestyle management and maintaining a healthy weight is advised to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes.

Prevent Pre-Diabetes

Diabetes is not a single health problem. It affects the heart, vision, kidneys, nerve (causing loss of sensation in the peripheral organs and even loss of memory in later stages), foot and skin (causes sores or infections and dental issues). Using ayurvedic methods – one can get easy way to manage risk factors and prevent the progression of the disease. Phyto-compounds in the natural cure – Diabgon capsules, herbal diabetes supplements for diabetics can provide easy ways to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes as these can prevent the rise of blood glucose; nevertheless, these can completely replace the impact of harsh diabetes medicines having strong side effects. The dose of allopathic diabetic medicines requires – increasing and decreasing as per the reading of the glucose each time after or before having food but ayurvedic remedy does not need the dose regulation each time for blood glucose level regulation as it can keep the plasma glucose levels at normal without going beyond control.

Tinospora cordifolia or Giloy is commonly used for curing immunity related disorders and general infections. Evidences find it has anti diabetic, cholesterol lowering, liver protection and healing properties on diabetic ulcers. Study finds the herb can reduce the absorption of sugar derived from carbohydrates and plays a significant role in reducing the pathologies linked to the pre-diabetic state such as nephropathy and retinopathy. It was found to be effective in inhibiting MAO (monoamine oxidase) which means, it can raise the level of catecholamine. The plant contains phyto androgens which can protect the DNA damage caused by environmental changes and UV radiations.

Study on diabetic rats found the level of HbA1c was reduced significantly after the intake of herb Tinospora regularly (dose 250 mg per kg for 24 weeks), which approved of its usage as one of the key ingredients in Diabgon capsules, type 2 diabetes supplements to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes.

Bilva Patra or Aegle marmelos, is another ingredient in the capsules, which is rich in antioxidants and has the property to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes. This was tested on diabetic rats where it was able to reduce blood sugar from the sixth day of injection and the reduction on day twelve was 54 percent.

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