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Natural Ways To Make Memory Sharp And Increase Brain Health Safely

Wandering mind, fuzzy thinking, brain fog and the condition when a person thinks ‘I’m losing my mind’, like a kind of pressure on head that is not painful but can be aggravating and cause cloud over brain. There can be other problems such as low speed of processing of brain which means the rate at which the person reacts to new information i.e. the capability to formulate the information to make judgment reduces.
There are a number of ways to increase brain health – to get rid of this kind of brain fogginess. Natural ways to make memory sharp involve adopting methods to relax brain. Eating well, participating in physical exercises and keeping oneself involved in intellectual activities can keep brain active.

Increase Brain Health

The studies in this area suggest the problem of reduction in processing can be observed in people suffering from aging. The loss of white matter in the brain responsible for holding all the wires or the axons can restrict the information from flowing fast to other parts of the brain. People suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or those addicted to certain medicines or smoking, are widely affected by such changes in brain. These medical conditions damage the blood vessels which feeds the white matter. It reduces flow of blood to the axons and with low oxygen supply the brain cells suffer from damage or this can happen due to a genetic code in some people who suffer from decay of white matter and are at a higher risk of suffering from neurodegenerative conditions. To reset glands functioning and increase brain power, natural ways to make memory sharp should be adopted.

Stress, overload (multitasking) and the current fast pace filled lifestyles without a proper brain supporting diet can exhaust brain. Distractions, over scheduling, rushing stress, no time to relax or breathe and shutting down other mechanism needed to cope with stress can damage brain cells. Chronic fatigue and mental lethargy are some symptoms of the overburdening lifestyle where the glands and sympathetic nerves of the body, responsible for preparing our brain to handle work, weaken. The adrenals releases chemicals in short limited time phases and the central nervous system is involved to make us alert all the time. The pressure to handle sudden threats and then restore back, have long term implications on the brain and glands. Prolonged exposure to cortisol can damage the neurons and reduce ability to think clearly.

BrainOBrain capsules offer natural ways to make memory sharp. Bacopa monnieri is one of the herbs in the herbal treatment for poor memory which can increase brain health and help in reducing the impact of pressure or stress on brain cells. The herb improves memory (short term or new memory retention) and cognitive functions. Researchers believe the herb helps to reduce cortisol and has distressing properties. It is helpful to both young and old suffering from memory problems. It is also effective in reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer diseases. The capsule contains various other mind empowering herbs to increase brain health and prevent age-related or genetically induced, damage to brain cells or to the white matter.


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