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Herbal Skin Moisturizing Gel To Get Rid Of Sunburn Problem Naturally

Sunburn is nothing but the damaged caused to the skin by extreme exposure to the sun. Dehydration, skin rashes, severe itching of eyes and skin, redness and skin inflammation are some of the symptoms brought by sunburn.
Chances of having sunburn are more in people with fair skin. So, one should always keep a skin moisturizing gel with them to prevent the problems of sunburn.

Herbal Skin Moisturizing Gel

Herbal remedies to get rid of sunburn: There are many herbal remedies to treat sunburn which are very easy and simple. Few of those well-known remedies which people have been using since ancient times are as follows:

1. Making a paste of tomato extract and buttermilk is one of the most recommended herbal remedies to treat sunburn. Take one cup of tomato extract and six cups of buttermilk and combine them well. Now this mixture should be applied to the affected area. By applying this mixture you will see quick healing of the parts that are damaged by the rays of sun.

2. One of the most effective remedies for sunburn is using cucumber. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and rub the affected area with these slices one by one. This will bring cooling and soothing effect to your skin and also heal the skin quickly.

3. Drink plenty of water regularly since it will function as an alternative for the fluids that you have lost because of sun rays. Water provides moisture to the affected area. You can also apply skin moisturizing gel to the affected area daily.

4. Sandalwood can also be used for sunburn, it is a natural sunscreen and it also has cooling agents. Make thin paste of sandalwood by adding water. Before going out in the sun you should apply this paste on your skin properly. This will prevent sunburn.

5. Papaya also works the best to treat sunburn. Mash the ripe papaya; add a drop of honey and two spoons of oatmeal to it. Blend them properly and apply it on the affected area. Let it dry on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash it off. You can also use herbal gel to get rid of sunburn like pure aloe vera skin moisturizing cream.

6. You can also use lavender oil to treat your sunburn. Apply lavender oil directly on the affected area of your skin, this will help you by relieving you from pain and itching caused due to sunburn.

According to some studies, compounds found in Aloe Vera Gel are proven herbal skin rejuvenating cream to be beneficial in treating skin problems because of sunburn. One of the important features of Aloe Vera Gel is anti-aging properties. Formation of fine lines and wrinkles makes you look old sooner than your age, Aloe Vera Gel alleviates this problem by working effectively on the skin surface. It is also the best herbal get to get rid of sunburn. Aloe Vera Gel also stimulates the growth of new cells because of polysaccharide properties in it. By applying this gel regularly on your skin you can expect a glowing and healthy skin which is free of blemishes and sunburn.


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